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Dear Stewardesses,

Montenegro is probably not on top of your list for any stocking or supplies, but we would like you to note that Montenegro can be an excellent location for your annual stocking and re-decorating as you can get all your supplies tax-free. You are probably wondering how is that possible when the market is so small and limited.

Well, being in the market for many years we worked hard and managed to cut deals with major interior suppliers across Europe to be able to provide anything you may need: from linens to interior decorations, consumables, monogrammed towels to uniforms. On top of that, we can organize a joint delivery for all items, from one storage in France or the UK and significantly cut on your delivery costs.

For your daily seasonal supplies, regardless if we are talking about charter or just simple re-stocking for the crew, we are only one phone call away to deliver anything you need.

We have great wines and spirits selection, and some of the most wanted products are listed in our catalogue HERE.

Our product list is far longer; therefore, we encourage all our clients to send us their wishlist and we will advise on availability and, for any unavailable item, suggest a suitable replacement.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Kind regards,
A+ Provisioning Team

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