American Black Angus vs Australian Wagyu

Today on the menu we have something very tasty – a comparison of American Black Angus and Australian Wagyu, a real treat to all the foodies out there. We are comparing pieces that were aged for 21 days at the time. Pitmaster X, one of the greatest BBQ influencers, gives his opinion on both, hopefully helping you make up your mind.

The first difference we can see is that the marbling on the Wagyu beef is much stronger than the marbling on the Black Angus. Despite the visual differences, these two pieces have different odour.  You can smell the freshness of the grass-fed black Angus with a mix of a nutty smell while we have a much darker and also very nutty aroma of an Australian Wagyu.

After being grilled for around an hour, on about 200 degrees, we should probably see further differences. At first, you realize they are both juicy and crispy on top. Tasting the Wagyu you will feel a big chunk of flavor in your mouth, super juicy and super tender. Eating the American Black Angus is almost like tasting the same meat as Wagyu.

So why would one of the greatest BBQ influencers choose Wagyu over the Black Angus? It’s all about the texture. Spreading fingers on a Wagyu piece and it almost falls apart, which is not a case with a piece of an American Black Angus.

Now that you are aware of the key characteristics of both types of meat, we hope you can choose your preference, and we are proposing you two great sauces that you can prepare with each of these two fantastic cuts of meat.

First on the menu is Chimichurri sauce. It’s made of four garlic cloves, one spring onion, a handful of fresh parsley, three twigs of oregano, 100ml of olive oil and 50ml of red wine vinegar. Mix all the ingredients and add two pinches of salt and a little bit of fresh minced black pepper. 

Sauce number two is made of: four garlic cloves, one spring onion, fresh parsley and thyme, two leaves of sage, two sun-dried peppers and two sun-dried tomatoes and five pickled jalapeno slices, 100ml of olive oil, 15ml of red wine vinegar and juice of half a lemon. Simply mix all the ingredients, add two pinches of salt and a little bit of fresh minced black pepper and you’ll be getting something smoother than a Chimichurri sauce.

And since even Pitmaster X couldn’t choose between these two sauces, you’ll have to try both of them and let us know your preference 🙂

And contrary to the general opinion, in Montenegro, we can supply both types of meat in excellent quality, contact us for the list of available products, or take a look at our Fine Selection list.


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